One platform.
Multiple data layers.
Unlimited analyses.

Our Weave® software enables breakthrough research and facilitates cross-disciplinary teamwork by bringing spatial multi-omics data into a single view, collaborative platform.

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Designed for all technologies and vendors.
Built for groundbreaking discoveries.

Weave a new perspective on your spatial omics data.

Built to support next-gen spatial multi-omics workflows.

Import all your data.
Any format.

Import data from spatial assays, obtained with different types of instrument. Weave allows user to easily manage and access your assay results and metadata in one cloud-based platform.

Your favorite analyses.

Annotate, segment, quantify and perform any type of analyses or let us build custom bioinformatic solutions on your integrated spatial multi-omics data. Automate your workflows and collaborate with remote teams to gain deep, interdisciplinary insights.

Full datasets.
Fully aligned.

Use Weave to register spatial omics data stack, to accurately align & overlay every single layer in high resolution.  Navigate through multimodal results of one sample with the help of coordinates or visualize multiple datasets simultaneously.

Export. Report. Repeat.

Use data visualization and interactive reporting to let you and any stakeholders make informed decisions. Export your results knowing their quality and security is ensured with control points and automated backups.

From import to insights, real quick.
A web-based platform that holds it all.

Analyze every aspect of your samples, simultaneously. Our Weave platform combines data from all your spatial multi-omics assays to ensure you get the insights you need.

Data storage and management

Get convenient access to large volumes of complex data and high-throughput analyses, any place, anytime, on any computer. Our platform’s infrastructure, carefully designed and created with scientists in mind, enables scalability beyond the limits of traditional desktop tools.

Our platform provides:

Scalable storage.
Securely store petabytes of raw multi-omic data and downstream analysis outputs.

Raw experimental data handling.
Manage any type of multi-omic data outputs from technologies of various vendors. Get in touch to learn more about the formats we support.

Metadata management.
Import all relevant data with their meta descriptions, such as sample information, batch records, assay details and more.

Data security and traceability.
Store large volumes of your data on highly secure servers and retrieve any lost data with automated backups.

Remote access.
Use any web browser to access your data and analyses from any computer, at any time.

Data layering and intuitive analysis

Easily set up and run high-throughput data analyses on large, complex datasets. Our platform integrates and layers data from different spatial multi-omic technologies, enabling both broad exploratory and specific targeted analyses, automatically and in parallel. Study, annotate, and compare your results, in high resolution.

Our platform provides:

Multi-omic integration.
Bring together spatial multi-omic data obtained with multiple technologies (MSI, IHC, microscopy, spatial transcriptomics, spatial proteomics, and more), without limits.

Interactive, visual analysis.
Work on your datasets using layered, multimodal visualizations. Use the intuitive interface allowing you to annotate, adjust, normalize, compare and quantify.

Annotation and metadata.
Add contextual information, annotations and metadata of your samples for easy automated analyses and reporting. Render summaries into common report formats such as pdf, docx or pptx.  

Operational scalability and customizability.
Scale up your operations and run parallel batch analyses for large-sample studies. Using high-performance infrastructure, schedule long-running data analyses. Tailor workflows to suit your specific use-case and analytical procedures.

Integrate the platform with any operating system, software, devices and programming languages you use for analyses. Our web-based platform is independent of the hardware you choose.

Team collaboration and control

Bring varied expertise and skills together and work as a team, simultaneously or independently. The platform enables efficient teamwork by standardizing and organizing processes. It allows for setting up specific user roles, dashboard personalization, task tracing and improving communication with comments, feedback and notifications.

Our platform provides:

Add comments to specific samples, executed steps or analyses outcomes and tag other team members.

Stay in the loop with real-time notifications, immediately find out about completed analyses or when specific feedback is needed.

Assign roles within the team to manage responsibilities and privileges, such as access to projects and workflows or tasks to be performed.

Personalized dashboards.
Access personalized dashboards based on assigned roles. Readily display relevant information and notifications.

Track the full history of your results and task execution. Use full traceability to revert to the associated raw data when additional quality control is required.

Custom solutions and consulting services

When your research doesn’t fit into standard frameworks, we offer a partnership model that thrives on close collaboration, personalized research solutions, and cooperative innovation.

Our custom services and solutions are based on:

Client-centric approach.
We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and design a solution that will answer to all of them. We provide continuous support and updates.

Bespoke tools and systems integrations.
Create a unique research environment by implementing your workflow ideas into our platform. Integrate our tools with other platforms, and add new modalities and functionalities for fully personalized workflows.

Joint research.
Combine your expertise with our team’s skills and knowledge in bioinformatics, machine learning, and mass spectrometry and partner with us on your innovative projects.

Make multi-modality a formality.

Effortlessly integrate spatial multi-omics into your team’s research.

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