White paper - Xenium in situ analysis and reproducibility study of multiple carcinomas via an end-to-end spatial multi-omics platform.

This white paper is an independent study conducted in collaboration with BioChain Institute Inc. examining the reproducibility of the Xenium spatial transcriptomics platform from 10X Genomics.

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In collaboration with BioChain Institute Inc.
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Launched at the end of 2022, the Xenium from 10X Genomics is an in-situ spatial transcriptomics platform providing targeted RNA readouts at sub-cellular (microscopy-level) resolution. Reproducibility is a key challenge in scientific research, whereby differences in operator, sample, sample handling, etc., can introduce variations in results. Given the relative novelty of the Xenium platform, we conducted a reproducibility study in collaboration with BioChain Institute, Inc. (BioChain).

Schematic of the co-registration strategy used in the study.

In this study, serial FFPE sections of breast, colon, and lung carcinomas from BioChain’s oncology biospecimen collection were placed on two different Xenium slides and independently prepared by two different operators. Aspect Analytics conducted the data analysis, including using the Weave platform to conduct dataset co-registration, pathology annotation, and joint visualization. Multiple data analysis approaches indicate high similarity between Xenium measurements,  indicating excellent reproducibility across multiple carcinomas and operators.

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