Custom solutions & consulting services

Some research projects are too unique
for a standard workflow.

Partner with a team of bioinformaticians curious about your project
and ready to help you reach the appropriate solutions and conclusions.

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Supporting your team.

Discover our services, designed with user-specific needs in mind. In our custom pipeline, we:

Delve into your project.

After an initial meeting, our team analyzes your needs in terms of the objective of the study, type of data used and the limitations that could be cleared with our support.

We specify the steps of the workflow we will design for you.

Develop a proof of principle.

We ask you for sample data and develop a working prototype of your custom solution, which you then test and review.

Adjust all functionalities and modalities.

We implement your feedback and create a full version of a platform, addressing all your research needs.

Provide continuous support.

We stay in touch to provide expert support and platform updates that will make your research even more efficient.

Our custom solutions allow for

Personalized research.

Implement your workflow ideas into our platform to gain unique analytical abilities. Add new modalities and functionalities to fully conduct your workflows.

Systems integration.

Establish seamless integration between our platform and your in-house third-party software, enabling scientific (e.g., multi-omics) and technical (e.g., corporate logins, data storage) synchronization.

Joint research.

Use our platform to conduct research with Aspect Analytics as a partner, providing extensive knowledge in bioinformatics, machine learning, mass spectrometry and more.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Learn from use cases of leading pharma, CRO and academics teams.

“Aspect Analytics’ dynamic and well-equipped data team provides support for a wide variety of projects, also when we’re facing problems with large mass spectrometry datasets. We work on understanding the complex lipid droplet storage and mobilization in an Alzheimer’s Disease model. Together with the analytical power Aspect Analytics can provide, our project collaborators will extract the most information possible from these unique datasets. ”

Dr. Alison Scott
Assistant professor in Microbial Pathogensis

“We connected with Aspect’s Marc and Nico during the European Pharma Days 2022 and immediately noticed a clear synergy between our two companies. Having just launched our Miralys™ MALDI HiPLEX-IHC, we saw great opportunity in connecting it with Aspect’s impressive expertise in MSI and spatial omics data integration. Their team's commitment and professionalism assure us that our joint efforts will produce impressive results and we’re super optimistic about the future of our collaboration! ”

John Gillespie
CEO, Ambergen

“Aspect Analytics showed unmatched expertise in co-registration of MSI data with optical images and the Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas (AMBRA). Thanks to them our sterol 3D Atlas of the mouse brain is becoming a reality. ”

William Griffiths
Professor in Mass Spectrometry, Biomedical Sciences