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A team where deep scientific understanding and bioinformatics expertise blend with machine learning and cutting-edge technology.

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At Aspect Analytics, our mission is to empower scientific discovery through pioneering bioinformatics solutions. We seek to advance our understanding of biology by leveraging advanced machine learning, cloud computing, and modern software development. Our goal is to drive the future of life sciences research by enabling our partners to make the most of their omics data.


Our vision is to lead the way in illuminating the spatial complexity of biology through advanced bioinformatics. We aim to revolutionize spatial multi-omics research, enabling groundbreaking discoveries that transform health and well-being globally.

  • Innovation: pushing boundaries of what’s possible
  • Collaboration: our superpower to drive scientific advances
  • Integrity: maintain transparency in our work and foster trust with our partners, ensuring ethical and responsible practices in all our endeavors

Our team

We blend scientific and technical expertise with a mix of cultural backgrounds to form an open-minded, inclusive environment that facilitates tackling the most complex of challenges.

Marc Claesen, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Nico Verbeek, PhD
Co-founder & COO
Thomas Moerman
Co-founder & CTO
Alice Ly, PhD
Director of Spatial Biology Applications
Heath Patterson, PhD
Director of Spatial Biology Bioinformatics
Thierry Loones
Director of Product Management
Baruch Berger
Senior Full Stack Developer
Wanqiu Zhang, PhD
Machine Learning Scientist
Reza Ranjbar Choubeh, PhD
Maria José Mantas, PhD
Thao Tran
Junior Bioinformatician
Dries De Peuter
Senior DevOps Engineer
Els Sevenants
Office Manager
Rabindranath Andujar, PhD
Senior Data Engineer

Advisory board

Esteemed experts from various disciplines, providing invaluable strategic guidance and safeguarding rigorous standards in our operational and decision-making processes.

Herman Verrelst

Chairman of the board

Ilse Sienaert, PhD

Chair of the Board of Directors

Luc Kindt

Strategic Advisor

Etienne Waelkens, Prof. MD

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Bart De Moor, Prof.

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Katleen Vandersmissen, PhD

Board member

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