Introducing Weave®, a cloud-based software platform for integrated spatial multi-omics visualization and data analysis at VIB Spatial Omics (video)

The final part of this series, Aspect Analytics' Weave® platform for spatial multi-omics data analysis was presented at the inaugural Spatial Omics conference, hosted by VIB.

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At the inaugural Spatial Omics conference, 400+ attendees gathered in beautiful Ghent for over 30 amazing talks from a number of leaders, including Rong Fan, Joakim Lundeberg, Omer Bayraktar, and Matthias Mann, and 100+ posters on the latest discoveries in the field of spatial biology. On the Aspect Analytics front, Wanqiu Zhang presented a poster and Marc Claesen gave an oral presentation about various use cases of our Weave platform, and we also met up with collaborators - past, present, and hopefully, future!

Introducing WEAVE software for spatial multi-omics data integration - combining MALDI-MSI and spatially-resolved transcriptomics to investigate molecular heterogeneity in prostate cancer and Parkinson’s Disease” 

Wanqiu Zhang with her poster

Wanqiu Zhang’s poster described a spatial multi-omics data integration pipeline in Weave. This pipeline enabled co-visualization and combined analysis of spatial transcriptomics data acquired by 10X Genomics' Visium assay and MALDI-MSI from two different platforms, as performed on samples of prostate cancer biopsy and an animal model of Parkinson’s Disease. Both use cases demonstrated complementary biochemical trends , many of which were specific to distinct anatomical and pathological regions. 

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 “Cross-platform spatial multi-omics data integration” 

Marc’s talk discussed how users are increasingly conducting spatial multi-omics studies and/or increasing their throughput to unravel complex biology as the field and technologies mature, and presented how Weave was used in different studies to facilitate data analysis and co-visualization. 

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