Introducing Weave®, a cloud-based software platform for integrated spatial multi-omics visualization and data analysis at Spatial Biology US East Coast 2024

In part two of this series, Aspect Analytics' Weave® platform for spatial multi-omics data analysis was discussed in two separate presentations at this meeting.

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The Spatial Biology East Coast US 2024 meeting kicked off on June 10th in Boston. Aspect Analytics had the privilege of sponsoring this meeting that connects omics experts from across pharma and academia with the common goal of transforming disease understanding by implementing spatial technologies.

Aspect Analytics’ Weave platform was discussed in two separate presentations:

Multimodal Tissue Imaging by Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) and Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) to Measure Drug Distribution and Mechanism of Action”

As part of the “Image Analysis, AI-powered Imaging & Digital Pathology for Spatial Biology” track, Fang Xie (Associate Director, GSK) discussed spatial quantification of drug distribution and related protein markers by mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) and imaging mass cytometry (IMC), respectively, on serial tissue sections. Using Weave, co-registration and integration of MSI and IMC datasets allowed her team to correlate localized drug concentrations with pharmacological markers.

Weave - Cloud Platform For Spatial Biology Data Analysis And Multi-Omics Integration”

Aspect Analytics CEO Marc Claesen presented Weave as part of the “Spatial Bioinformatics” session. His talk covered Weave in a number of spatial multi-omics studies covering different combinations of spatial transcriptomics, spatial lipidomics, spatial proteomics and histology, and of course some signature meme content. Thanks to everyone who attended and our wonderful project collaborators.

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