Dedicated Software To Support High Throughput Spatial Multi-Omics Applications (video)

(20 mins) Nico Verbeeck, COO of Aspect Analytics, presents our software which supports spatial multi omics across a range of techniques, applications and users. Recording from the Biomarkers UK 2024 meeting.

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The 19th annual Biomarkers UK event took place in London and assembled top experts to discuss the latest tools and trends in biomarker and translational research across a wide variety of applications and therapeutic areas. Aspect Analytics were thrilled to be part of the line up where our COO Nico Verbeeck gave this presentation as part of the Digital Pathology and AI-based Imaging session. 

Presentation highlights: how our software facilitates spatial biology data management, data analysis, and data integration across the breadth of cutting-edge technologies. Demonstration of how our software supports spatial multi omics. Examples of how spatial multi-omics can be used to uncover changes in the distribution of molecules between health and disease.

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