Senior Python Engineer


Care to put your Python Engineering skills to work at a growing biomedical software company? Aspect Analytics is looking for a Senior Python Engineer to take ownership of our data and image processing back-end.
Aspect Analytics supports leading pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic companies in improving our understanding of biology to ultimately improve human health. Specifically, we develop novel bioinformatics solutions to catalyze the thriving field of spatial multi-omics, which aims at characterizing complex biological samples on a molecular level in spatially resolved ways. The primary application areas are in oncology, neuroscience and pharmaceutical research. Aspect Analytics is entering a scale-up phase to keep up with the increasing demand for our products and services in spatial omics and mass spectrometry data analysis.

Job description

We are currently extending our team and platform, and we are looking for highly motivated people that like building backend platforms for large-scale data and image processing and want to take ownership of this.
For example some things you might take the initiative on to build out:
  • Analyzing highly multiplexed imaging data capturing genetic, metabolic and other info
  • Gigapixel microscopy imaging serving back-end serving tiled pyramidal images.
  • Workflow engine for intensive async computations, e.g. machine learning or statistical model inferences, involving distributed and/or GPU computations.

Required skills

The following prerequisites are mandatory for the position:
  • Extensive experience with Python (3+ years of experience of building Python back-ends)
  • Deploying containerized software using services like Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS
  • Experience working in teams using Git, good knowledge of Linux and modern clouds
As a bonus you have experience with any of the following:
  • Web frameworks like FastAPI, Flask, Tornado
  • Workflow management tools like Airflow, Prefect, Luigi, NextFlow
  • Numeric computation libraries like NumPy, Numba, PyTorch, TensorFlow, JAX
  • Distributed computing tools like Ray, Dask or Spark
  • Chunked data formats like Zarr, HDF5, netCDF
  • Image processing like OpenCV, scikit-image, libvips
  • Tiled and multiresolution images like OME-TIFF, OME-Zarr and DeepZoom
  • Bioinformatics frameworks like Squidpy, MCMICRO, Seurat, Giotto

Working at Aspect Analytics

We work (at least partially) remotely, so good communication skills and an ability to work independently is important. An inquisitive mindset is key for these positions.
The advertised role is a Hybrid role where you work 3-4 days from home, and 1-2 days from our office in Genk. We provide the possibility to work fully remote for exceptional candidates.

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